5) Country Side Tour

  Destination: Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

  Price: RM30/ per pax (minimum 2 paxs) *Price exclude entrance fee

  Duration: 4 ½ Hours

  Tour Summary:

  • Boh Tea Plantation & Factory
  • Strawberry Farm
  • Honey Bee Farm
  • Market Square
  • Buddhist Tample
  • Rose Centre
  • Butterfly Farm

Precious View


Tour Overview

Tanah Rata literally means “flat ground,” so called for its topographical feature that paved way for settlements to boom in this part of the mountains. It is the biggest town in Cameron Highlands, an extensive hill station spanning 712 square kilometers. It has emerged as a favorite tourist destination for many who wish to experience a more “countryside” lifestyle and escape the heat of the city. What I liked most about the region is its climate. Average temperatures just play between 24°C (average high) and 14°C (average low). It boasts an active tourism, propelled mostly by its tea plantations, rainforests, and various farms.

The most common activity in Cameron Highlands is the so-called “Country Side Tour” that takes visitors to the tea plantations.