2) Sunset Spectacular

  Destination: Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

  Price: RM40/ per pax (minimum 2 paxs)

  Duration: 2 ½ Hours

  Tour Summary:

  • Gunung Brinchang Sunset View

Precious View


Tour Overview

View the spectacular sunset in the highlands. Cameron Highlands is nestled between the towering mountains of the Grand Titiwangsa Range and is well known for its charming scenery, flora, fauna and its agricultural produce. The tranquil sound of nature, serene landscapes and cool climate of Cameron Highlands mesmerizes and leaves special experience upon the multitudes of visitors to this green haven.

Hidden amongst the clouds and its green mountains is a complex Rainforest ecosystem with the wonders of nature that has been long held with fascination by researchers and environmentalists. Cameron Highlands has a rich biodiversity inhabited by a wide variety of flora and fauna endemic to the Montane Rainforest.

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